“DRIVERS! Here’s The Information The Police Don’t Want You To Have!”

Just a few of the people who have saved money and their licence by investing in ‘The Drivers’ Survival Handbook’.

“I was impressed by your book, ‘The Drivers Survival Handbook’ and have used the information to defeat two dubious speeding allegations.” T O’Connor - Glasgow

“Thank you for making this book available to the public. I saved myself £120 worth of fines and 6 points on my licence as a direct result of your advice. Also many of my friends have benefitted from it.” J Chapman - Rhondda

“I recently received a speeding fine and promptly invested in ‘The Driver’s Survival Handbook’. Using the recommendations in the book has resulted in all charges being dropped and a letter of apology from the police” David Simms - Newcastle

“Through use of the book and the information contained within, I have successfully defended myself against Northamptonshire Police who accused me of travelling at over 100mph on the M1. Thank you for your publication. I was looking at a fine and a ban, so it was money well spent.” Mr C Stead - W. Yorkshire

“...sample letters have got me off 3 out of 4 parking tickets.”
Mr W Fennell - London

“…I took on the Courts and won thanks to all the information in there.  I just can’t thank Streetwise enough”. Mr A J Hemmings – Bristol

“I used your publication as my ‘bible’.  It opened my eyes to the tactics used by the police, and ultimately gave me the confidence to follow through to the end, the inevitable summons, defending myself in Court to a successful conclusion”.
C Taggart – Nottingham

“What I gleaned from one chapter has already saved me 3 points and £60.00”.
Mr K Haunch – Cheshire

“I purchased the Drivers Survival Handbook and used it to great effect to overturn an alleged speeding offence on the M4 of 97mph and have helped many friends against the Courts…”. Mr Tony Ruby – Lincs

“…I received a notice from the Court that the accusation has been withdrawn due to lack of evidence.  The reasons were not given, but whatever they were the result is a clean licence and the cost of your book is money well spent”.
Barbara Middleton – Somerset

“Please find enclosed copies of successful cases I have won against the Police Traffic Department.  This book is a must for all drivers”.
Matthew Stoker – Newcastle

“I purchased the Drivers Survival Handbook many years ago and found it very useful.  I am a criminal lawyer specialising in criminal matters including Road Traffic Law and as such I have found it to be indispensable”.
Charles Ferguson – Mid Lothian

“I purchased a copy of the Drivers Survival Handbook as the result of receiving notice that I had been travelling at 40mph in a 30mph limit through a small West Wales village.  I followed the advice given in the book and have recently received a letter from the Camera Partnership informing me that no further action will be taken and that notice of prosecution is withdrawn…” G Barnett – Ceredigion

“…Thank you for the Drivers Survival Handbook.  I was stopped by the Police recently for driving without my headlights on and questioned.  Without the info contained, I would probably have been charged.  As it happened I escaped with a demand to submit my documents to the nearest police station.  Worth TEN TIMES the price!  Once again, thanks.” Peter MacCabe – Wolverhampton

“…I have successfully used it to escape a find and points on my license after being caught speeding past a fixed roadside Gatso!.  Excellent publication.”
Andy Stuart – E-mail.

“….I consider it the best £19.95 I have ever spent for it has saved me 3 points and a £60.00 fine… Everyone told me to accept the charge and pay up.  – now who’s laughing”. Brian T Short – E-mail



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